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IP67 LED 照明電源
PFC 電源供應器
E-Mobility 電動車充電器

Darfon 5W ~ 240W Level VI Adapter & USB Charger Series

All models with 90 ~ 264Vac Input and Compact Size & Competitive Pricing

World Smallest All in One 65W/19V Fashion Design Adapter equiped 8 sets DC-Plug Package New Release!!

Model: B165-195

 Function: Wall adapter power supply can be used for charging mobile phone, set-top box, POS, monitor and control unit and so on
  Length of cable: 1.2m & 1.5m
 Over-current, over-voltage, over-load and over-temperature protections
 Output-current vary from products by the intelligent control, will prolong the cycle life
 Environmentally friendly, energy-saving, complying with the safe certification standard
 High working efficiency: over 85%, good charging performance
  Stronger performance, lower cost
  IC chip inside prevents overcharging and short circuit
 Wall adapter power supply input: 100V-240V
  Wall adapter power supply output: 19V
  Plug: EU, US; Type: Straight, Folderable
  Light and small, easy to use and storage
Wall Mount Type with optional US/EU/UK/AU AC Plug/ UL60950-1
Model Name
(US Type)
Photo Watt Size (mm) Output Voltage  Max Output Current  Voltage Surge No Load Power Consumption
DPUS-050050Y-D 2.5 55.7*24.7*52.4 5V 0.5A 2KV ≦0.3W
DPUS-050100Y-D 5 5V  1A  2KV/4KV  ≦0.3W
DPUS-090060Y-D 5.4 9V  0.6A  2KV/4KV  ≦0.3W
DPUS-120050Y-D 6 12V  0.5A  2KV/4KV  ≦0.3W
DPUS-120100Y-D 12 65*30*59 12V  1A  2KV/4KV  ≦0.3W
DPU-120150Y-D 18 77.4*42.9*52.3 12V  1.5A  2KV/4KV  ≦0.3W
DPU-120200Y-D 24 91.5*49*53.5 12V  2A  2KV/4KV/6KV  0.3W 
DPU-120300-D 36 12V  3A  2KV/4KV/6KV  0.3W 
USB Charger Type with optional US/EU/AU/CCC AC Plug/ UL60950-1
Model Name
(US Type)
Photo Watt Size (mm) Output Voltage  Max Output Current  Voltage Surge No Load Power Consumption
DPCXS-050100-D 5 33.5*22*39.5 5V  1A  1KV 0.3W
Desk Top Type with optional IEC320 C6/C8/C14 AC Inlet/ UL60950-1
Model Name Photo Watt Size (mm) Output Voltage  Max Output Current  Efficiency No Load Power Consumption
DPD-019071 19 110.8*51.8*32 7.2V  2.6A  81% 0.3W 
DPD-024122 24 12V  6A  82%< 0.3W
DPD-030051 30 5V  6A  80% 0.3W
DPD-036092 37.2 9.3V  4A  85% 0.3W
DPD-040121 40 12V  3.33A  85% 0.3W 
DPD-041242 41 24V  1.7A  85% 0.3W 
DPD-048121 48 12V  4A  87% 0.3W
DPD-060121 60 12V  5A  87% 0.3W
DPD-065121 65 12V  5.4A  87% 0.3W
DPD-065241 65 24V  2.7A  87% 0.3W
DPD-090121 90 168*71*37.5 12V  7.5A  87% 0.5W
DPD-120121 120 12V  10A  87% 0.5W
DPD-120191 120 19V  6.3A  87% 0.5W
DPD-120241 120 24V  5A  87% 0.5W
DPD-150121 150 174*84*42 12V  12.5A  87% 0.5W 
DPD-150191 150 19V  7.89A  87% 0.5W
DPD-150241 150 24V  6.25A  87% 0.5W 
DPD-240121 240 220*100*45 12V  20A  87% 0.5W 
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