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變壓器與直插式電感 (Power Transformer And Choke)
 Choke Coil
1. Switching power supplies.
2. TV & CRT monitor displays..
3. Audio & Visual equipment charges ups.
4. Consumer electronic products, etc.

Toroid Coil

1. Switching power supply.
2. TV & CRT monitor displays..
3. Battery charger, printers..
4. Consumer electric products.

Power Transformer
Power Transformer are customer design in and manufacture to comply with various domestic and meet internation safety (UL, CSA, VDE & CE) standards agency requirement.
The combinations of high performance ferrite cores and superior winding technology mates our transformers one of the most reliable products on the market.

1. Switching Power Supply, Adapter and UPS
2. LCD TV & Monitor Displays Power Boards (LIPS)
3. Battery Charger, Printers
4. Consumer Electric Products

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